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The offer is dedicated both to companies and privates



Have You either already made a decision regarding Your investment project or maybe You still hesitate? Are You at the beginning of Your project or You have already made some steps forward? Don't You know what to do about it or there's nothing You could be surprised by? Do You need a wide scope of support or just someone who's gonna make steps planned by You?

Contact us! We'll help You to plan and execute Your project in a way You want us to do it.

We offer:


Surveys and advisories

Are You either satisfied of the technical and functional conditions of Your estate or You plan some modernization? Do You use Your estate in the light of the regulations or You have never heard about the owner's duties? Do You need a technical opinion or a technical expert opinion? Do You know what kind of the energetic classification is having Your estate? Do You need a professional advice?

Contact us! We'll help You to solve Your problems and we'll answer Your questions.

We offer: 



According to the parameters given by You, we'll find a suitable location for Your project. We'll talk to the owners of the estate or realtors, visit the place, determine the neighborhood, obtain a land survey map and the estate registry extracts. We'll also negotiate the initiate price terms and the way of transaction.


Formal and technical analysis

Dokonamy analizy nieruchomości pod kątem potencjalnych ograniczeń urbanistycznych, tj. wynikających z zapisów miejscowego planu zagospodarowania przestrzennego lub studium uwarunkowań i kierunków zagospodarowania. Dokonamy analizy tzw. dobrego sąsiedztwa. Sprawdzimy dostępność do dróg publicznych i mediów oraz ustalimy ich gestorów. Sprawdzimy hipotekę oraz inne obciążenia i służebności nieruchomości.


Development conceptual plans

Working on accepted locations and the coordinates given by You we'll draw up the development conceptual plan in concordance with municipal regulations, good neighborhood and construction law. Doing it we'll indicate utilities connections alternatives.


Development decision

If the desired location doesn't have an actual municipal physical management plan, we'll prepare and draw up an application and obtain a development decision plan. At this moment You should quite know how does Your project shell look like so the received decision will meet all Your requirements.


Environmental decision

If Your project is either qualified as so-called “be able to worsen the environmental” or is strictly qualified as so-called “particularly environmental destructive”, we'll prepare an application attaching necessary information regarding investment environmental fluency. If there will come an order to create an environmental impact report, we'll make it and fulfill the order in a way to obtain the decision in the shortest possible period.